tahi skincare came to life about three years ago. After spending time in the forest learning about the medicinal uses for Aotearoa’s native plants and the versatility of them I decided to make one bottle of skin oil (with native plant ingredients) that could be used for almost anything. With the help of my partner, Nate and good friend Laine who both grew up in small Maori communities and have a great knowledge of the culture I continued to learn more about Rongoa Maori (traditional Maori medicine) and developed three more products all with different plant ingredients and specific uses. Nate and I now run the business together from our new home in Whangarei Heads, a beautiful rammed earth house completely surrounded by native bush, including a lot of the plants we use in our oils. 
We believe that an appreciation of, and love for the very thing that is attempting to heal you is the first step in the process of healing and we really hope you find tahi as nourishing as we have


Jackie + Nate  






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