When Nate + I met I had just begun my journey studying Natural Medicines and was feeling really drawn to the knowledge surrounding medicinal uses of native plants. Nate comes from a beautiful town called Whangaruru in the Bay of Islands, his Dad who is Maori, taught him a lot + his desire and commitment to time in our forest has helped him better understand the environment he comes from. I grew up in Christchurch amongst mostly pakeha people and I did not know a lot about our native plants. Some family members would speak about certain trees but rarely using the Maori name. I did, however, grow up around healing women like my Mum and both Grandmothers who chose plant and natural medicines over anything unnatural when possible. These are some of my nicest memories, being healed with love and plants. 

Overtime together with our friends and families we put tahi together and hoped to be able to share it with others. We wanted people to have one bottle full of nourishing plant ingredients from our environment that they could use to nourish their bodies, minds, and souls. Something with a strong connection to nature. We now make a range of healing oils using plant ingredients, with different specific strengths. 

Now, tahi is evolving into something much bigger than skincare. We both have a strong desire to support our community, to create change and to see people become one with one other and one with nature.  We run tahi skincare together from our home in Whangarei Heads below Mt Manaia, here we are building a space that focuses on sustainability, the beautiful natural environment surrounding us and somewhere we and others can express themselves creatively.   


tahi believes that an appreciation of, and love for the very thing that is attempting to heal you is the first step in the process of healing and we really hope you find tahi as nourishing as we have

Thank you for coming on this journey with us. 


Jackie + Nate  






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