tahi oil has semi changed my life. My nose used to constantly peal but since I started using your oil the problem has gone. Also last week I got lots of bruises on my legs and they are disappearing way faster than normal after applying oil. 



I am a big fan of this organic product, I use the Marino oil on my face twice a day and once on my body. Marino naturally holds the moisture in my skin and leaves it very soft. It is non-irritating and affordable. tahi is one of the best oil products I have ever used.


I'm a big believer in treating your body/skin with natural ingredients of the earth and Jackie has put together the awesome Marino Oil which I use on my skin daily. This oil has improved the general health of my skin. It literally can be used for anything, all in the one bottle. Super happy!


I had an ingrown hair that got a bit infected and I tried so many things, cream my beautician gave me and Betadine. Nothing seemed to work and then I put some tahi oil on it and overnight it healed so much and now it's almost gone!