“Tahi was built on a desire to help people see that their relationship with nature is what will heal them.”


A new approach to skincare

As a people we are strong. We grow, and develop, and continue to achieve greatness. But along the way useful traditions have been lost. What was once simple, has become complicated.

Tahi was developed as a way to reconnect with our origins. To simplify our lives and help us remember that we are part of nature, and nature is part of us.

We are one. Kotahi tātou.

Simplicity + Sustainablity

We believe that by slowing down it is simple to be sustainable and protect our beautiful environment. All of our ingredients are 100% natural, some made by Jackie and others locally sourced. Your oil will be delivered in a glass bottle and a calico bag, using as little waste packaging as possible.

Holistic self-care oils

Every oil in the range is full of plant extracts found in our native New Zealand forests. Remedies that are made to nourish you, your skin + your wellbeing.

Most of the ingredients grow abundantly in your own backyard. The power of nature is all around us, we simply need to learn how to harness it...

Be real, let it flow

We encourage individualism and believe in letting things flow naturally. We work in harmony with nature and believe that an appreciation and love for the very thing that is attempting to heal you, is the first step in the process of healing.


Tahi is an inclusive community, made up of strong, independent individuals. We want people to feel good in their own skin and educate others on how we can all use nature to support our wellbeing.

~ Meet the tahi whānau ~