Horoi - to cleanse
Horoi - to cleanse

Horoi - to cleanse

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Sweet almond oil with organic manuka oil + propolis

Each of our oils is made with sweet almond oil and the benefits of that include: 

  • Anti- aging
  • Balancing loss of moisture
  • Balancing skin tone
  • Healing scars + dark eye circles
  • Eczema + psoriasis

The other ingredients in this oil help to: 

  • Heal skin conditions such as acne + fungal infections + cold sores
  • Soothe + heal eczema 
  • Cleanse the skin (natural antibacterial)
  • Dilate veins
  • Repel insects + soothe bites
  • Prevent + reduce dandruff

A few tips: 

Shake your oil before every use

Store in a cool, dark place 

Use within 8 months of purchase