Oil Benefits + Uses

Benefits of using oil

Our bodies are wonderfully smart, when something is not right it has systems in place to protect us. That is what the natural oils that come through our sebaceous glands under the skin are doing, the oil acts as a barrier against bacteria and viruses.

Our skin will age quicker and heal slower if it is dry. The more goodness we can feed our skin, the better we will look and feel. 

tahi oils are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.


Ways to use your oil

-To cleanse + moisturise 

-Cover areas prone to scarring

(especially good during pregnancy + for growing teenagers)

-Hair + beard oil

-To remove makeup

-As an insect repellent

-After sun repair

-To slow down aging skin

-Relieves itchy + irritated skin

-To hydrate dry skin

-Apply to dry hair + to thinning hair

-Heals acne + acne scars

-Acne prevention

-Massage oil for the whole family